Those of you whom I have been lucky enough to have had by my side through this journey, know it’s taken me quite some time to build my clientele and establish myself as both a businesswoman and a versatile makeup artist. I began my journey into cosmetics in 2006, when I took a break from my undergraduate career and decided to take my fascination with makeup artistry to the next level.

I started the way most of us ‘old school’ artists start, by working at a department store makeup counter.

Learning the ins and outs of makeup application and skincare back then was a little more difficult than it is today. We didn’t have the ability to learn at home the way that is available now, in an era where the prevalence of youtube vloggers makes widespread makeup tutorials available. Instead of through videos from the comfort of my own home, I learned the basics of skincare through work sponsored product knowledge sheets and day long updates paid for by my cosmetics company.

These trainings were not as all encompassing as the information that is readily available at our fingertips today- thanks to the proliferation information available on the internet. However, I will stress, that the value of learning the basics from a structured long time industry leader, Estee Lauder Companies, has served me well in the long-term.

I learned how to identify skincare concerns and recommend skincare solutions in a helpful, easy way. This is an integral part of makeup application, as you can’t possibly create a masterpiece on a rough and unkempt canvas. I learned how to use color theory to select colors that would compliment and enhance my client’s natural features, how to make a teenage girl feel at ease in her body by emphasizing her beautiful eyes and minimize her teenage insecurity.

Being able to shift a person’s mindset, about themselves, simply through education and application of skincare and cosmetics is why I began to seek freelance work, and why I continue to do what I do to this day, twelve years after it all began. At the very beginning, I don’t think I realized what a career leap of faith I had taken by applying to be a beauty ambassador, or how much it would serve me in the long term.

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