I cannot say enough, how strongly I recommend that every bride take part in a bridal trial.

I get a lot of questions such as:

What is a trial?

Why is it something extra I need to pay for?

Is it really necessary?

The answer is multifaceted, and the bottom line is yes, it is very necessary.

First and foremost, bridal trials serve to ensure that the makeup application the day of the wedding is as perfect, luxuriously pampering and stress free as possible. There will already be a lot going on on your big day, so reducing the possibility for stress, will help you feel more relaxed on what is the start to the biggest day of your life!

How does a trial help reduce stress?

Trials allow for both the bride and the makeup artist to decide on the look which best showcases the bride’s natural beauty, before the day of the wedding.

This is paramount.

Allowing time for the makeup artist and bride to experience, refine, and precisely create the look the bride wishes to have on her wedding day, prevents last minute day-of-wedding panic.

We have all experienced a time where our makeup was done professionally and it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. Better to iron out any kinks in the shape of your eyebrows or the color of your lipgloss days ahead of time, than the day of!

Trials also allow the makeup artist to take a look at your skin, and provide referrals and recommendations to aestheticians and skin care products that will assist you in having perfect wedding ready skin! The canvas is as important as the art, after all. My 13 years professional experience working with cosmetics and skincare will allow me to recommend products or treatments that will best suit you. I have an arsenal of local estheticians waiting at the ready for me to recommend them to you if need be!

Book your trial, and trust me, you will thank me the day of the wedding!

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