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Stitched: Upstate NY’s Premier Fashion Event

Creative Director: Mike Schinnerer

Photographer: TM Williams

Models: Meghan Arista, Emily Sowers, Anthony Snyder

Makeup/Hair: Laura McCaffrey

Fashion: Circles

Location: Lucas Confectionary, Troy

Schupp Wedding 2018

Photography Credits: Dino Petrocelli Photography

Makeup Artist: Laura McCaffrey

Synthesis: A Fusion Of Fashion and Art

Electric City Couture (Corey Aldrich) pairs up with regional gallery/ art show producer Samson Contompasis and international visionary/ musician Maria Brinks Wonderland, to showcase the work of fashion artist and stylish Davion Brink and visual artist Alyssa Objio.


Photography Credits: TM Williams Photography

Lead Makeup Artist: Laura McCaffrey, assisted by Rozlin Ethier





REIMAGINED: The Hyde Collection

REIMAGINED was a 2440 Design Studio production in collaboration with Electric City Couture and the HYDE Collection. The event was a celebration of the Hyde Collection’s special exhibition ‘Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau’, with a fresh new look at the work of this important twentieth century master. This event featured strategically placed models as living mannequins, contextualized in rooms of the historic home, Hyde House. The  scenes created dioramas that pay homage to Alphonse Mucha’s work.

Photography Credits: Doug Mitchell Photography

Makeup: Laura McCaffrey Makeup

Styling: Yvonne S. McEachron

Hair: Julie Potter

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